H+S Program

At Dependable Mechanical Systems Inc., we recognize the rights of a worker to:

  • refuse unsafe work,
  • to participate in health and safety activities,
  • to know about the existing or potential hazards in the workplace
  • and to work in a safe and healthy work environment consistent with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

DMS has set its goal to °zero lost time injury” and is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment by taking every precaution reasonable in all circumstances for the protection of workers. DMS has developed and implemented a Health and Safety Program to achieve its goal that is designed to monitor and improve safety in the workplace.


  • Management recognizes that accident prevention and quality of work life must continue to be an essential part of our business operations and as such, we will empower each of our staff to actively participate in the Health and Safety Program.
  • Management will ensure that resources are provided to control the identified hazards at all stages of a project.
  • Supervisors will be responsible for the health and safety of workers under their supervision and will ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained in our workplace and at site locations.
  • Employees are required to work in compliance with OH&S acts and regulations.
  • Employees are required to use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed in DM5 safe work practices and procedural binders as directed by supervisors and as needed for the workplace.
  • Employees are required to inform the supervisor about any workplace hazards, any missing or defective protective equipment or device that may pose a danger as well as reporting of ALL accidents regardless of the severity to the supervisor immediately.
  • Subcontractors must protect their own and fellow workers’ health and safety by working in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, DM5 H&S program and all applicable regulations.
  • The company must be aware of the employees, sub-trades and visitors present site location in the event of an emergency. To ensure this important safety requirement, all DMS employees, subcontractors and visitors are required to sign in or out when arriving or leaving DMS site locations using the DMS sign in/out application which has been installed on DM5 devices.

The success of our organization depends on our reputation to provide a quality product and service in a safe and timely manner. Health and safety must be incorporated into all facets of our operations.

Through open lines of communication. objective discussion and cooperation between workers. supervisors. management. and other outside parties, our objective of a workplace free of hazards, will be achieved. And Disciplinary action will be taken against the individuals for the violations of this policy.

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